Saturday, December 24, 2011

23 Weeks Pregnant {Large Mango}

 My Large Mango and I have reached 23 weeks on Friday, December 23rd!
(Average measurements: 11.4 inches, 1 pound)

  • I mentioned in last weeks update that I may have to take off my engagement ring due to chubby sausage's still on. It's snug, but I've managed another week with it :)
  • I'm not sick, but as I've read for pregnant women, I have a chronic stuffy nose!  I breathe louder than normal and have to constantly blow my nose.
  • The time sure does fly when you're on vacation!  I've been off from work for a week already and have only one left...and I'm holding on to it with a tight, clenched fist.
  • Oh my little lucky-charm-baby...Mia has done it again!  I had to call in for jury duty all week and wouldn't you know it, I didn't have to show up at all...AGAIN...for the 2nd year in a row.  Whew!!!
  • 7 times out of 10, when Dominic looks at me he grins or giggles due to my growing belly.  He recently said, "Hun, your belly has officially grown out past your boobs!"  Ahem....that makes 2 of us ;)
  • I baked about 300 holiday treats (cookies and brownies) to deliver to friends and family.
  • Daddy and I have been talking more to Mia, since we've been reading she can hear us more now.

Baby Gaga's Pregnancy Calendar says, "FETAL DEVELOPMENT:  Your little womb hi-jacker is starting to kick their break-dance party up a notch now that his/her ears are registering sounds from the outside world!  The sound of a phone ringing, a thunder clap, or a car honking will actually jar their little ears enough to elicit a kick or violent bout of squirming.  More importantly, this means that their little ears are picking up the sounds of your voice and others around you.  So, if you've been yelling a lot it's time to reign that in and practice a little self restraint for the sake of your little eavesdropper, who is becoming more exquisitely sensitive to all of your behaviors every day.  The equation is simple: happy healthy mama = happy healthy baby.  Stress during pregnancy is quite literally BAD for your baby's developing brain.  Take the time to center and be quiet - to reflect on the growing life inside of you and the future you will share together.

HOW'S MOM DOING?:  If no one's ever warned you about the joys of the pregnancy-sleep-challenge, you're probably starting to discover them yourself.  To reduce undue cankle-age avoid sitting for long periods of time and for the hundredth time:  don't forget to stay active!  The good news: some very thoughtful people invented pillows specifically designed to give a pregnant woman a better chance of sleeping through the night.  The bad news: these magical pillows won't stop you from needing to pee three times every night.  Are you remembering to drink lots of fluids?  Plenty of water keeps your baby in clean amniotic fluid and reduces swelling in your poor ankles and feet.  The oh-so sexy pregnancy-induced swollen cankles are a result of the wight of your baby + uterus + amniotic fluid pressing on your pelvic veins, thereby slowing fluid circulation to the lower half of your body, which causes water retention.  Drinking loads of water is also good for your little swimmer as dehydration is frequently connected with premature birthing.  Yep, it's a lot of responsibility, but you can do it!  You're almost two-thirds of the way there already!  Keep up the good work mom!"

Baked Tradition

Traditions were not something I grew up with, unfortunately.  Maybe that's why I feel so strongly about having them now.  I can't wait to create all kinds of traditions with my new family.  In a world that's constantly changing, it's nice to know that there are some things you can count on year after year, like....annual camping trips, family vacations, painting Easter eggs, family game nights, holiday baking, etc.

One tradition that I started a few years ago is to bake cookies before Christmas for friends and family and then deliver them door to door.  I LOVE to bake and I'm pretty good at it, if I do say so myself.  Every year I keep the few delicious must-have recipes like chocolate chip, peanut butter, and brownies.  Then I find a few brand new recipes to test on my cookie-recipients :)

This year, I spent all day Thursday baking 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies, 2 batches of double chocolate chip & walnut cookies, and 2 batches of sugar cookies cut out like Christmas trees, ornaments and holly.  My mom spent Friday baking 2 batches of peanut butter cookies, a batch of chocolate glazed brownies and a batch of chocolate glazed brownies with walnuts.  Friday night, I put on a festive outfit and Dominic wore a fun holiday sweater, red scarf and a Santa hat before heading out to deliver the treats to 8 different homes.  That's our way of spreading some holiday cheer.
chocolate chip (recipe via Nestle Toll House) & peanut butter (recipe via Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book) cookies

Ghirardelli Ultimate Double Chocolate Cookies (recipe via Ghirardelli)

Cutout Sugar Cookies with sprinkles (recipe via Better Homes & Gardens 2009 magazine 100 Best Cookies)  *I add fresh squeezed lemon to the powdered sugar frosting*

Chocolate Syrup Brownies (recipe via Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book)

Here are just a few of the many containers we put together.  I signed most of them from Dom, Misty, Mia, and a little paw print (Roxi, the dog).

Friday, December 16, 2011

22 Weeks Pregnant {Spaghetti Squash}

Another week has passed for my "Spaghetti Squash" and me...22 and counting!
(Average measurements: 11 inches, 15 ounces) 

  • Mommy and Daddy (still so new referring to us as parents) went to our first Christmas party "with child"...and at the same time, our last Christmas party without a child.
  • I attended another beautiful baby shower where 6 of us ladies were expecting!  I joked that if I hadn't been pregnant, I probably would have gone home after the shower and cried myself to sleep ;)
  • We had a follow-up appointment with a fancy doctor where we found out all is good and we got another sweet snapshot of our baby girl, seen here.
  • I've begun to notice that it's becoming increasingly more difficult to remove my engagement ring from my finger before I take a shower in the morning.  I read that around this week I might notice some finger swelling and that rings should be taken off soon before they're stuck!!!  Boo...I'm going to miss wearing my first and most special love diamonds :(
  • I'm finally getting over my nasty cold!  I can breathe again.
  • Today was my last day at work for a whole 2 weeks!  I'm an art teacher, which means I get the same vacations that my students get.  I can breathe again...again ;)
  • I won an iPod Nano today at my company's holiday pot-luck.  I'm usually not lucky, so I know it's Mia.
  • I was recently introduced to Coffee Bean's hot, chai-like, seasonal drink, and my newest craving, "Winter Dream."  It's all things delicious and magical, right there in a cup.  You've gotta try it. 
  • Oh, and I love my fiancé.  He's pretty much amazing and loves me more and more each day...and tells me so.  Even though I've been feeling bloated and big and awkward, he tells me I'm more beautiful now than I've ever been.  His hands are always on my belly (even when I smack them away when I'm stuffed after eating), giving kisses and rubs to Mia.  Last night, he even put his mouth up to my belly and sang the alphabet to her :)

Baby Gaga's Pregnancy Calendar says...
"FETAL DEVELOPMENT: Congratulations!  You're now housing a human who weighs nearly a pound and measures nearly a foot in length!  Your wee babe's perfect little pancreas (a super-duper organ that produces hormones and aids in digestion) is now making its own hormones for your baby's body and brain!  If you were worried, you can finally stop that: your baby's future in the circus as a world-famous tight-rope-walker is secure now that their inner ear is developed to the point that they have their own sense of balance.  Luckily for your little womb-explorer, this new balance promotes physical dexterity, which has them actively feeling out their surroundings where skin, body parts, and the resident umbilical cord are the big sensory experiences.  Your sweet babe is sort of looking like an over-sized red prune right now as more and more skin (and therefore wrinkles) are showing up each week.  Not to worry, all those wrinkles are just your baby's way of planning ahead for the time when they'll start piling on all of that irresistible baby chub."

"HOW'S MOM DOING?:  Take a moment to think about this: your uterus has now stretched to such unholy proportions that it extends up past your belly button!  The not-so-exciting part of this remarkable fact is that growth like this tends to leave stretch marks and can itch like nobody's business.  The reality is: stretch marks are scars on your skin that won't disappear or react with a topical cream.  The best prevention is retaining muscle tone by staying active on a daily basis throughout pregnancy.  If it makes you feel any better, stretch marks on the belly are extremely common.  Skin-cream lies aside, feel free to apply all the aloe-vera you need to alleviate the itching!"

"You Sneaky Mom!"

Is it bad that I can't wait to pull these pranks on my kids when they're old enough???
Jimmy Kimmel challenged his audience to play a few tricks on their kids and video tape it.  These are great.  Oh my baby Mia in my belly, you've definitely got a "sneaky mom."  Get ready! ;)

Halloween prank:  I ate all of your candy.

*The last clip is THE best*

Christmas prank:  The terrible present

*The last clip isn't really appropriate for young ears, btw*

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Kick-back Baby

We had another appointment with the Doc with the fancy equipment, following up on something he saw in our baby at our last appointment.  As predicted, the "condition" cleared up and was nothing to worry about.  I wasn't concerned, but Daddy needed the reassurance that everything was OK.  Sleep soundly now, my dear.

Mia had another fabulous photo taken of her, and AGAIN, she's sittin' pretty with her hands behind her head.  She just might take after her mother ;)

And here is the mama...also kicking back.

Friday, December 9, 2011

21 Weeks Pregnant {Banana}

Today, the little banana and I have reached our 21st week together.
(Average measurements: 10.5 inches, 12.7 ounces)

  • I attended my 1st baby shower, pregnant.  I admit that in the past, although I have enjoyed the few showers I've been to, I was a bit envious of the mother-to-be's position.  I longingly hoped to one day be in her shoes, to be "showered" with so much love and thoughtfulness and to be so close to bringing another life into the world.  Well, this was the first time that I finally didn't have to brush off those feelings and I got to fully and completely enjoy myself and be 100% happy for the guest of honor.  There were a few other pregnant women there, so we snapped a photo with Santa.
From left to right: Jenna (due Feb), Julie (due any day), Santa (festively plump), Reno (guest of honor, due Feb), ME (due April 22)

  • At the beginning of the week, I felt Mia move for the first time at work, in the morning and afternoon.
  • A friend of mine, Noelle, was nice enough to give me a trash bag full of maternity clothes that she doesn't need anymore.  She's due in 3 weeks and has decided that this baby (her 2nd) will be the last.
  • We had another doctor's appt. with my OB/GYN.  I thought it would be a more exciting visit and that all kinds of baby measurements would be taken, but she only put a Fetal Doppler Stethoscope to my belly so we could hear Mia's heartbeat, along with these "whoooosh" sounds...that was her moving.  She was moving so much, the doctor had to constantly move around the instrument to find her heartbeat again.  Little Stinker! 
  • I've gained a total of 7 the doctor says.
  • My fiancé (Dominic) FELT Mia move for the first time, after our doctor appointment.  I was laying on the sofa and I put his hand on my belly where I started to feel her move.  It was subtle, but he felt her.
  • I SAW my tummy move for the first time!!!  Two nights in a row!  I was just sitting up in bed, relaxing while reading a book, minding my own business...when suddenly I felt Mia.  I glanced down to see my belly "twitch" or move, right where I felt her.  No way!  Unfortunately, her daddy wasn't there either night to witness it.
  • I've been sick with cold-like symptoms for about 4 days now.  Ugh...sore body, low energy, twitchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, trouble breathing.
  • Since I'm finally starting to feel and completely recognize little Mia's movements throughout my days, I'm becoming more connected with her and more thoughtful of her presence.  I was starting to feel like a "bad mom" because I haven't been feeling like a mom yet, or have felt mushy gushy over the fact that I have a baby inside me.  Now that she's making her presence known, it's all the more real to me and my heart flutters whenever she does.

My phone's baby app, BabyBump, says "As your baby's digestive system develops, he will begin to swallow amniotic fluid and absorb small amounts of sugar.  However, most of your baby's nutrients are still delivered from the placenta.  Inside your uterus, while there's still room, your baby is actively moving around, kicking and flipping positions.
For many women, this period marks the most comfortable stage of their pregnancy.  Your first trimester discomforts have subsided and you've grown more accustomed to many of the changes in your body and you're finally beginning to enjoy that pregnancy "glow" you've been hearing about.  Other welcome changes by some women are thicker hair, better skin condition, and increased breast size."

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Be Prepared, Dad

Ok, first of all...the cover of this book is so perfect.  This pretty much embodies all that is my fiancè!  He basically lives around "being prepared" for anything and everything.  He loves to hike and camp and I definitely consider him a "man's man"!  We even have one of those baby backpacks on our registry.  This book, Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook For New Dads, was written for him, I just know it.
He has pretty much read through this whole book already, and really liked it.  He found it to be helpful, easy to read and really informative...he actually feels more prepared.

 I flipped through a few pages and liked the manner in which it was written...straight forward with a little comedy thrown in the sugar-coating here.  This is one of my favorite pages that sums up the style of this book.

I didn't even know this is what your baby will really look like when it's born!  YIKES!  I'm glad I saw this, because when the time comes in a few months, I might have thought she needs a little more time in the oven.


  Chocolate used to be my weakness.  I got pregnant, then hated even the thought of it.  I'm past my 1st trimester nausea phase.  Chocolate and I are friends again...and are getting even friendlier now that I've read this article in the Dec/Jan 2012 issue of Fit Pregnancy magazine.

"Enjoy chocolate daily.  Regularly eating chocolate during pregnancy may buffer a fetus from stress and improve his temperament after birth.  One study found that pregnant women who ate chocolate every day gave birth to babies that laughed easily, soothed readily and responded well to novelty.  The effect may be due to pleasure-producing or stress-relieving properties in chocolate compounds in it that prevent the breakdown of pleasure-producing chemicals in the fetus's brain.  The sweet stuff also reduces the risk of preeclampsia. Dark chocolate is the healthiest and least fattening type."

 You don't have to tell me twice that eating chocolate has baby benefits!  I've already started eating one square a day of Ghirardelli's Intense Dark Twilight Delight 72% Cacao.
Mmmmmmmm :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

20 Weeks Pregnant {Small Cantaloupe}

 Baby Mia and I have reached 20 weeks, Friday...the halfway point of pregnancy!!!
{Average measurements: 6.5 inches from crown to rump, 10.6 oz}

  • I've still only gained about 5 pounds.
  • I actually WANT to wear maternity pants.  There's less pressure on my belly when I sit.
  • My baby most definitely that.  I've got a bump!
  • I'm doing well with laying on my left side when I sleep.  It's the side I prefer anyways...but I could totally use one of those body pillows to cuddle and also rest between my legs.
  • I'm still working on my baby registry.  I've got 3 different registries going and man they take up so much time.  There's thousands of items and products to browse at these baby sites.
  • I recommend using for items from stores that don't have registries of their own.  You can add whatever you want, it's super easy and convenient.  I even uploaded the sites app to my phone along with an app that scans bar codes, so now I can add stuff to my registry ANYWHERE from my phone!  I've already added a book from Barnes & Noble and a lamp from Target, using my phone.  How cool is that???
  • We've decided to make Mia's nursery a Garden Theme...more like a spring flower garden, with bright colors...NO pastel colors.  I think bright colors will make my life easier when it comes to finding more decor since I can choose from more colors.  The Garden Theme also allows us to throw in ladybug, bee, snail, bird, caterpillar, floral, and butterfly toys, prints, decor, bedding, etc.
  • I found some great, cheap curtains (on sale at Urban Outfitters) that match perfectly with the colors and theme of the Garden nursery theme.  Check them out HERE.   

  • Now for the greatest update of all (as far as I'm concerned)...I've FINALLY begun to feel Mia move!  At first, I wasn't sure if it was her.  The best way I can describe it, is that she feels just like a heartbeat, but in my uterus!  It's still so very subtle and soft, so I only notice when I lay down (usually at night for bed).  I'll feel the smallest "pulse" or "heartbeat"...and then maybe 30 seconds later, another one.  Pretty cool, huh? :)

  • My BabyBump phone app says, "This week your baby's skin will become covered with a waxy-like substance called vernix which will protect her skin from becoming scratched or chapped.  Your baby is also starting to produce meconium, the result of digestion, which will accumulate in her bowels and eventually pass during delivery or in her first diaper.
    You've officially reached the halfway point of your pregnancy!  At this stage your uterus is even with your bellybutton and you may have gained 10-13 pounds.  You'll likely have your second major ultrasound soon where your doctor will check on your baby's development."

    Sunday, November 27, 2011

    Status Change!

    What a pretty amazing Thanksgiving holiday.  I'm still basking in all of its glory.  I was given so much more to be thankful for and I cannot wait to face all of life's surprises and challenges that are in store.
    Not only did Dominic and I find out a few days before Thanksgiving that we are having a baby GIRL (Mia Rose), but I was able to reveal the news to co-workers (see previous post) and our families at Thanksgiving dinner.  As if that weren't enough, we also had the pleasure of announcing this...

    It was great getting to share TWO wonderful surprises.  Of course, everyone was overjoyed and the "congratulations" kept coming all evening long :)
    Dominic proposed to me the night before Thanksgiving where we had met, about 5 1/2 years ago.  He wrote his speech down and read it to me because he was nervous and didn't want to forget anything.  After he asked me to be his wife, he handed the ring to me.  I kindly reminded him that he's supposed to put it on my finger..."oh yeah. Sorry, I'm nervous."  His hand was shaking while he slid it on...that was my favorite part.  I can still make him nervous ;)
    I am now Dominic's fiance.  That has a nice ring to it...and I have a very nice stunning ring to show for it, too.
    Baby Mia, your mommy and daddy are engaged...the seams of our family are coming together!

    The SWEET Gender Reveal!

    About a month ago, we had an appointment with my physician and she told us she was about 70% sure that Dominic and I are having a baby GIRL!  She said it was still early to be certain, but she couldn't find a little "rocket ship."  Well, 2 weeks later at our next appointment with a different doctor (who has better 3D sonogram equipment), he confirmed to us that we are having a girl.  I'm thrilled!  Funny thing, for the past year or so, I've been dead set on wanting a boy first.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant, that feeling changed within an instant.  I didn't even have to think about it, I just knew that it had to be a girl, and that I wanted a girl first.  When browsing online for cute nursery themes and clothes, I didn't even check out the boy stuff!  Crazy, right?

    Now, a "gender reveal" was in order.  I have over 50 co-workers and had to come up with a cute idea to reveal to them what I'm having.  I searched online for ideas and decided to go with this....

    First, I tracked down as many co-workers as I could and had them vote by adding a tally mark under boy or girl, whatever they thought I was having.  Then, I gave them a cupcake that I had made.  After taking a big bite, pink frosting was revealed inside...GIRL!  If they didn't want a cupcake, they could choose option #2, take a peek in the box to see her precious little shoes and her name :)

    Two days later at Thanksgiving dinner, I would reveal to Dominic's and my family the gender of our little baby.  I didn't want to repeat the same cupcake idea, because bringing cupcakes to the greatest food holiday there is, is an insult to such a delicious menu!  It was my responsibility to make the sweet potatoes this year, so I used that in my reveal.  I dyed the marshmallows that topped the :)  At first, no one caught on to the subtle hint, but after I kept mentioning the strangely colored pink marshmallows and pointing them out to everyone, a few "light bulbs" went on and everyone figured it out.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the potatoes!!!  So bummed :(

    So there you have it...I'm creating a precious baby girl, Mia Rose, right here in my belly.  We all love her.

    Saturday, November 26, 2011

    19 Weeks Pregnant {Heirloom Tomato}

     Our little Heirloom Tomato has reached 19 weeks!  Almost to the half way mark.

    • The pain that I mentioned I had in the 18 Weeks post is still present.  I'm feeling it more throughout the week and have to readjust how I sit often, especially in the car.  Boo! :(
    • I still have NOT been getting any exercise which, I know, is HORRIBLE!  This holiday week has been pretty hectic, but no more excuses.  The baby and I need it!  I'm actually going on a walk today :)
    • I have purchased 2 more pairs of maternity pants from Sears.  If you live in So-Cal, the Sears in the Pasadena area has an okay maternity section.  It's hard to find stores that do...and that are cheap.
    • I bought my diaper/baby bag from Sears also.  It was on sale for only $30!  It's cute, it matches the new play yard that my mom ordered for us yesterday, and it's not too girly so that Dominic can carry it.
    • My belly is growing!!!  Still, it's not very big, but more noticeable than last week :)
     I know, the baby looks like it's made out of clay...or like it's melting!  But it's still not done baking yet.  Once you get past that, notice the arms?  You can see the elbows sticking out because this little "heirloom tomato" is sitting back, relaxing with its hands behind its head.  Stinking CUTE!!!
      My phone's baby app, BabyBump, says "Many of your baby's senses are developing as specialized areas in the brain are being designated for smell, taste, hearing, vision and touch.  Millions of motor neurons are continuing to develop in your baby's brain allowing more controlled and conscious movement.
      Your growing belly is probably obvious to others around you and you may feel the physical effects of it too.  Most pregnant women experience backache at some point during their pregnancy.  You may notice discomfort in your posture as your center of gravity shifts forward putting more strain on your back.  Hormonal increases also contribute to abdominal pain by relaxing the muscles around your waist allowing the uterus to grow."

      My BabyCenter app says "Some research suggests that your baby may be able to hear your voice now, so don't be shy about reading aloud, talking to him or her, or singing a happy tune if the mood strikes you.
      Your baby weighs about 8 1/2 oz and measures 6 inches, head to bottom.  The arms and legs are in the right proportions to each other and the rest of the body now."

      Thursday, November 17, 2011

      Teething Jewelry

      I was checking out today's Zulily deals and found this idea to be pretty brilliant.  I wish I would have thought of this...and marketed it...and made some pretty $ :)

      Sonny & Reed has created some beads for moms to wear while giving the baby a chance to teeth instead of gnawing on the GOOD jewlery!  The cool thing is...I think these pieces can pass as real jewelry instead of teething necklaces or bracelets.

      Bracelets: $11.99, Necklaces: $17.99
      THIS Zulily sale ends on 11/20/11

      18 Weeks Pregnant {Sweet Potato}

      The little "sweet potato" has made it to 18 weeks!  It's about 5.6 inches and weighs about 6.7 oz.

      • I went for a walk down a steep hill...and then of course to get back, up a STEEP hill.  This was really hard for me, I could feel a sharp discomfort in my chest and my body struggled most of the way.  The next day, I had lower back pain for a few hours when I woke up, that shot down my leg also.  I iced it when I got to work.  I'm betting I bothered a pinched nerve that I got when painting a fence a few months ago.  Just great...I'm sure this nerve will only get worse as I grow bigger.  Oh what fun to come.
      • I've started applying Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula to my breasts, stomach, lower back, thighs, and any other area that I think might stretch...hopefully minimize the stretch mark side effect of pregnancy.
      • I'm feeling increasingly HEAVIER.  Although I have much of my energy back, I still feel sluggish and clumsy-like.  I need to start moving around more, going on walks or checking out the pre-natal Yoga DVD that I have.
      • I'm beginning to feel the need for maternity pants.  Using a hair band or rubber band to fasten the button to the hole isn't cutting it anymore on a few of my pants.  I don't like any added pressure or tightness around my stomach.
      • I'm anticipating our next doctor's appt. in a few days on Monday.  We'll be having a 3-D ultrasound done and we SHOULD be able to find out the sex of the baby!  FINALLY :)
      Photo via

      My phone's BabyBump app says, "Many of the bones in your baby's body are starting to harden.  Among these first bones to develop is the inner ear which is part of the reason why your baby might e able to hear sounds such as your heart beating or your tummy growling.
      As you settle into your second trimester you'll likely gain your appetite back.  Eating healthy and getting enough protein is important at this stage as your body needs approximately 300 extra calories to help your baby develop.  Equally important is continuing with exercising; keep moderation in mind and do not begin any new, strenuous workouts."

      17 Weeks Pregnant {Onion}

      My baby and I have completed 17 weeks together (last Friday...super late post, oops).

      • Our last doctor's visit did NOT reveal to us the baby's gender.  The doctor had a hunch, but said it was too early and that she didn't want to give us a false prediction.  BOO!  Patience just isn't my thing.
      • I've had a few more "episodes" with my "fiery nipples."  I don't know what it is, but it's so painful!  It makes me worry that I'll be extremely sensitive to nursing the baby.  Ouch :(
      • According to the doctor, everything is moving along accordingly which is always great news.
      • I've gained 4 lbs.  I still don't look obviously pregnant.  There is a pudge that I can tell is slowly growing.
      • It's been suggested to me that I start trying to lay on my left side when sleeping, as this helps to better circulate more oxygen to the baby.  
      • Food and I are great friends again!  Such a relief.

      My phone's BabyBump app says, "This week your baby has mastered some simple reflexes such as swallowing, sucking and blinking.  Your baby may even have a bout of hiccups.  Fat is also forming underneath your baby's skin and will continue to do so in the later months of your pregnancy.  This will help prepare your baby for the temperature change from inside your womb to the outside world.
      In the 2nd trimester many women notice more significant growth in belly size.  And if you haven't noticed round ligament pain before, you're likely to feel it now as your uterus continues to increase in size and push your intestines upward.  You may have also noticed that you've started to shift your weight to help balance your belly."

      Saturday, November 5, 2011

      16 Weeks Pregnant {Apple, Avocado}

      The little Tater-Tot has been growing now for 16 weeks!

      • My pre-preggo pants still fit me, but to loosen them a bit I've started using a rubber-band or a hair band to fasten the button to the button hole.
      • Just like my baby phone app said, my nose has been stuffy all week.
      • I'm feeling pretty more nausea (or slight and quick sensation) and I'm more energetic.
      • My appetite is about 80% back to normal!  Food and I are starting to become friends, again.
      • Our next doctor's appointment is on Tuesday and our fingers are crossed in hopes that we'll find out the baby's gender!  *Oh please oh please oh please oh please!!!!!!!!!
       Image from:

      My phone's BabyBump app says, "This week your baby's limbs are much more developed, legs and arms are longer and are becoming more controlled in movement.  Your baby's skeletal system is developing more as calcium is deposited onto the bones.  Over the next couple of weeks your baby's weight will double.  Well into your 2nd trimester, you're probably feeling a lot better as most of the 1st trimester symptoms continue to go away.  You 'll probably begin to notice stretching or discomfort around your navel and surrounding abdominal area.  This is caused by the round ligaments when they stretch and thicken to support your growing uterus.  If you're lucky, you may have felt your baby kick for the first time.  This is one of the most special moments in your pregnancy.  This experience is also called quickening, and you may begin to feel this fluttery sensation now or in the coming weeks.  Most women report noticing their baby move around weeks 16 to 22."

        Halloween Inspiration

        Usually, a post like this should be up before the holiday.  I came across some pretty creative ideas that I think are better shared late than never.  Enjoy :)

          No Halloween holiday is complete without some spooky and delicious treats! Click here at Tidy Mom for more pictures and steps on what/how she made these festive cupcakes.  I love baking, and these decorations seem pretty simple and effective :)

        Another thing I love (and I must say, am pretty good at)...crafts!  I found this great and fairly simple (yet time consuming I'm sure) Halloween DIY felt wreath HERE at Living Locurto.  Check out her post for instructions.

        And what's a Halloween without some fabulous costumes!  Get a load of these super cute and creative dress-up ideas.

        Zoo keeper and her Pet Gorilla, from Katherine Maries

         Snuggle Bear, from Katherine Maries

        I LOVE this one!  I had my own Bob Ross painting video as a kid.  Bob Ross, from Katherine Maries

         Sun Maid Raisins, from Katherine Maries

         DIY Giraffe, from Family Fun

         DIY Jellyfish, from Family Fun

         DIY Mermaid, from Family Fun

         DIY Paper Doll, from Family Fun

        DIY Hot Air Balloon, from Family Fun

        Princess Leia, from Buy Costumes

        Lil' Lion, from Buy Costumes
        Lil' Piggy, from Buy Costumes

        Peacock, from Buy Costumes

        I hope everyone had a great and memorable Halloween this year!

         Love, Momma & Poppa "Tater-Tot"
        (btw...we both hand made our Pollinated Flower & Bee costumes)

        Monday, October 31, 2011

        Owl Smores

        Such a fun and simple treat to make for Halloween.  Check out the simple instructions here at Living LocurtoI love owls.  They're such a trend right now, I see owl crafts and designs everywhere.

        15 Weeks Pregnant {Navel Orange}

        On Friday, my baby turned 15 weeks old.

        Man, time is starting to fly by.  At first, I was counting the days until the next week or milestone.  I've gotten used to the idea that this is a process and that it cannot be rushed, no matter how many times I look for a fast-forward button :)
        • I was SICK most of last week with a bad cough, sore throat, headaches, little sleep and was light headed often.  I even had to go home early from work, twice, because I was miserable.
        • The burping continues after each meal.
        • I haven't been able to exercise again, due to being sick :(
        • I still haven't gained any weight (maybe a pound), but I'm seeing more of a little "pooch" below my belly-button.
        • I've started to wear a "BeBand" by the makers of the "BellaBand."  It's a lightweight maternity band that kinda just...holds you in.  I bought it from Target and I'm loving it so far.
        • As I read my update from my BabyBump app (read below), I thought it was interesting that I may experience nosebleeds.  I used to get them all the time when I was a kid, but haven't for a long time.  Well, after my shower I blew my nose and guess what...a nosebleed!  Huh, imagine that.
         Image from:

         My BabyBump phone app says "The hair on your baby's head is growing in and the follicles will make pigment if your baby has dark hair.  Around the body, there's still fine hair (lanugo) to protect against being constantly exposed to the amniotic fluid.  Your baby's skin is thin and nearly translucent and if you were to take a look inside your womb you'd see small blood vessels forming underneath the skin.  Some babies may even be starting to suck their thumb around this time.  
        As your body continues to make more blood this month, it's especially important that you get enough iron in your diet to keep up with red blood cell production and to avoid becoming anemic.  This increased blood production may still be causing your mucous membranes to swell giving you a stuffy nose or more frequent nosebleeds."

        Friday, October 21, 2011

        Vote for my blog!

        Momista Beginnings is a new member of Top Baby Blogs!  They are "A Trendy Hip Directory Of The Most Popular Baby, Mommy And Daddy Blogs On The Web."  They are a really great source for more inspiring, creative and informative blogs made by everyday people like you and me.

        I'd really appreciate it if you clicked the top link on the left column of my blog and VOTE...just follow the simple, one-step instruction on the following page!

        You can also follow this link:
        Thanks, everyone :)
        -Misty (and the Tater-Tot)

        14 Weeks Pregnant {Lemon}

        Today, I'm 14 weeks pregnant and I've read that I'm officially in my 2nd Trimester!

        • Nausea is definitely bearable and getting better...however it still MILDLY hits me at least once a day.
        • I think my appetite is almost back to normal.  I still have ZERO desire for chocolate (candies & bars), which used to be my ultimate weakness.  Peanut M&Ms were my favorite.
        • I still continue to burp way too many times after every meal.
        • IF I've gained any weight, I've probably only added 1 or 2 pounds.  I do NOT look pregnant, just a little bloated (if I'm wearing anything tight enough for you to notice...but, only loose shirts for me!).  I haven't purchased or worn anything "maternity" yet.
        • I tried on some clothes that my co-worker loaned me (mentioned in Week 13) and I'm not ready for them yet.  They're too big but I'm sure I'll grow into them eventually.
        • I exercised for the 1st time this week!  I power-walked (mostly) and jogged a few times on my treadmill for 50 minutes, covering 3.15 miles.  This distance used to take me 28 minutes to run.  Yikes.  I'm looking forward to continuing this work out plan.  Both Momma and the Tater-Tot need it :)
        • I'm out from work today, SICK!  And I left early yesterday, too.  I'm coughing, I have a sore throat and yesterday my head was killing me!  I'm light-headed today so I'm resting.  
        • I called my doctor today and found out that I can now take cough drops and cough medicine, since I'm in my 2nd trimester.  Woohoo!
        Image from:

        My BabyBump phone app says, "This week your baby's well-defined face can also make expressions like a squint or a frown.  Some babies may even start growing hair on the head or on the face, such as eyebrows.  If your baby is a girl her eggs will have already developed inside her ovaries.  If you're having a boy, his prostate gland is developing.  By now, your waistline has expanded enough to fin into maternity clothes.  Your uterus is just above your pubic bone, which makes your belly pooch out a little, making the presence of your baby all the more real.  You're officially starting your second trimester and you may notice your breasts feeling slightly less sensitive and your morning sickness continuing to diminish."

        Unique Changing Tables

        I came across these really creative ideas for some unique changing tables.  I love the yellow tool cart (post found here at Ohdeedoh) and I'll hopefully snatch up one of these for the nursery.

        You can find these 2 Steel Service Carts from Harbor Freight and here..for some reasonable prices (maybe even better than an actual baby changing table).

        At Daddy Types, you can find another great idea for a changing table.  Check out this Stainless Steel Kitchen Cart from Ikea.

        Now get this...a great DIY idea when your little one no longer needs a changing table, or outgrows it.  Instead of chucking it, turn it into a bar!  Here are the before & after photos from Ohdeedoh.