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Thursday, December 29, 2011

     Welcome!  You've stumbled upon a blog, written by a crafty, creative and curious young lady gal.  When I discovered myself to be 7 weeks pregnant, I started spending a lot of time on the Internet just surfing the web for anything and everything mommy and baby related.  I then was inspired to create my own blog as a way of collecting all the information, images and ideas that I have found to be helpful or just plain cool...so that I can share it with all of you and hopefully provide some mommy inspiration.

      Twosome (+ dog) Beginnings...

Allow me to introduce ourselvesI'm Misty and I'm the art teacher at a private school for the 4 year olds through the second grade.  I'm drawn to anything that allows me to express myself, whether it be through art, crafts, photography, baking, or style.  Dominic runs his own business in the landscape world.  He's got a passion for the outdoors, an undeniable love for his dog, and a warm fancy for ME.  Roxi is an amazing, 8 year old lab and pit mix.  She likes digging holes in the sand, playing with the hose, chomping on bees, cuddling on the bed when no one's home, riding in the car, and playing fetch.  She's extremely obedient and never leaves Dominic's side.  Love her. 

About 5 years ago, I met my now fiance at a local bar...of all places.  We dated for a month or two, only to go our separate ways when I moved to San Diego for a few years, but we stayed in touch.  Not long after I moved back into town, we began to hang out again and after almost a year, we were officially a couple.  In the beginning, we couldn't decide whether or not we were perfect for each other, or on completely separate pages.  We'd argue, fight, disagree, cry, yell, and just frustrate the heck out of each other.  On the other hand, we had so much in common, we cared for each other, we created so many wonderful memories together, we wanted the same things out of life and couldn't imagine it without the other one in it.  I think after exhausting ourselves and even calling it quits a few times, the light bulbs finally switched on and we haven't been back to that drama-rama life ever since.  We've seen the worst in each other, and now we're relishing in the best.  Because of our past struggles, we now have a We-Can-Take-On-Anything-That-Comes-Our-Way sort of philosophy!
We both love and appreciate the outdoors.  We hike together, exploring new and old trails of California.  We love to go camping, yes in tents.  And, we even fish together...he's the pro, I'm still in training.  We both are very much looking forward to sharing these loves with our up and coming family!  We love the outdoors so much, Dominic started a website/forum called WeLikeTheOutDoors.com

As a couple we enjoy spending time at the beach.  I think Roxi enjoys it just a little more.

We don't mind getting dirty, whether it be running in a Mud Run, gardening, or raising chickens (yep, we've got 7!)...and we enjoy putting our fancy pants on from time to time.

Our relationship has seen all kinds of "holding."  Next up...getting to hold our daughter, our first child, for the first time, in just a few months...hold her deep in our arms and close to our hearts.

Momista Beginnings...

I was 8 days late and couldn't wait any longer.  I took a home pregnancy test, two of them actually, and yes...I'm pregnant!  Dominic barged into the bathroom after nearly a minute to find out the results.  We were pretty speechless for a while, in disbelief, in amazement, and again in disbelief.  I was about 5 weeks along when we made the giant discovery.  Even though we didn't plan on it at this exact place and time, we knew we'd be here one day and we're pretty much thrilled about it!  At 18 weeks, we found out we're having a sweet baby girl, Mia Rose.  Our new reality has forced us to get things into high gear.  For example:  Dominic asked me to marry him (at 19 weeks), the day before Thanksgiving...and now we're engaged.  No wedding date until post baby, when we can really focus on planning because right now, baby is top priority.  Another example: We currently don't live together, so our biggest goal is to find a place to live before the baby's arrival: April 22, 2012!  Talk about crunch time...so heeeeeere weeee goooooo!!!!

We welcome you to check in often and to be a part of our very real journey through some very unfamiliar territories.  Comments, tips and advice are very much encouraged ;)


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