Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Be Prepared, Dad

Ok, first of all...the cover of this book is so perfect.  This pretty much embodies all that is my fiancè!  He basically lives around "being prepared" for anything and everything.  He loves to hike and camp and I definitely consider him a "man's man"!  We even have one of those baby backpacks on our registry.  This book, Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook For New Dads, was written for him, I just know it.
He has pretty much read through this whole book already, and really liked it.  He found it to be helpful, easy to read and really informative...he actually feels more prepared.

 I flipped through a few pages and liked the manner in which it was written...straight forward with a little comedy thrown in the sugar-coating here.  This is one of my favorite pages that sums up the style of this book.

I didn't even know this is what your baby will really look like when it's born!  YIKES!  I'm glad I saw this, because when the time comes in a few months, I might have thought she needs a little more time in the oven.

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