Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Inspiration

Usually, a post like this should be up before the holiday.  I came across some pretty creative ideas that I think are better shared late than never.  Enjoy :)

  No Halloween holiday is complete without some spooky and delicious treats! Click here at Tidy Mom for more pictures and steps on what/how she made these festive cupcakes.  I love baking, and these decorations seem pretty simple and effective :)

Another thing I love (and I must say, am pretty good at)...crafts!  I found this great and fairly simple (yet time consuming I'm sure) Halloween DIY felt wreath HERE at Living Locurto.  Check out her post for instructions.

And what's a Halloween without some fabulous costumes!  Get a load of these super cute and creative dress-up ideas.

Zoo keeper and her Pet Gorilla, from Katherine Maries

 Snuggle Bear, from Katherine Maries

I LOVE this one!  I had my own Bob Ross painting video as a kid.  Bob Ross, from Katherine Maries

 Sun Maid Raisins, from Katherine Maries

 DIY Giraffe, from Family Fun

 DIY Jellyfish, from Family Fun

 DIY Mermaid, from Family Fun

 DIY Paper Doll, from Family Fun

DIY Hot Air Balloon, from Family Fun

Princess Leia, from Buy Costumes

Lil' Lion, from Buy Costumes
Lil' Piggy, from Buy Costumes

Peacock, from Buy Costumes

I hope everyone had a great and memorable Halloween this year!

 Love, Momma & Poppa "Tater-Tot"
(btw...we both hand made our Pollinated Flower & Bee costumes)

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