Monday, January 30, 2012

Chalkboards and Photography

I was browsing through some fun and clever ideas for using photography to capture each month of my (unborn) child's life, once she arrives.  I stumbled upon the blog of The Letter B Photography, a husband and wife photography two-some.  Check out this photo series of their kids' first year, one month at a time.

Photo via The Letter B Photography
I love the addition of the chalkboard wall in the background.  I've gotta have a chalkboard in Mia's room...not a wall (I would if I could), but a nice big board will do.

I dug a little deeper into these photographer's blog and found some pretty amazing maternity shots....

All photos via

And a few kids photos...
Photo via The Letter B Photography

Photo via The Letter B Photography

 You can check out their website here.

Go and "like" their Facebook here.

The do maternity sessions, birth sessions, weddings, portrait sessions, family sessions, kid and baby sessions and engagement/couples sessions (and more).  I'm not familiar with pricing for photo sessions, so I couldn't tell you if they're a good deal.  I do know that they're too pricey for me and my family right now.  If I could, I'd use them for pretty much every session they offer.

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